Business Women’s Forum Workshop Speakers

A. Tap Into Your Most Creative, Competent and Charismatic Self

Presented by Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv.
Are there are times when you find yourself holding back, not sharing your ideas and not asking for that opportunity because you think you’re ‘not good enough’ or ‘not deserving?’ In this engaging and interactive workshop, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how and why you’re stuck in patterns that are not serving you well and what you can do to change that. Have fun while learning a simple, easy-to-use technique to quiet your mind, calm your body, disengage the fight or flight response and master your mindset so you can show up as your most poised, creative and empowered self.

B. Optimize Your Office: Go from Piles to Productivity!

Presented by Lisa S. Griffith, Certified Professional Organizer®, The Organized Way
Learn about the “5 D’s for Quick Decision Making” – a system designed to help you make easy and fast decisions about what to do with the piles of information thrown at you daily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a functional workspace instead of a cluttered mess of a desk? This presentation will help you get your work space under control, whether you work from home or in a more formal business setting. You will also reclaim your desktop, countertop, filing cabinet, dining room table, office floor, or any place that has become overwhelmed by paper clutter. Never miss another deadline, lose another important document, or waste time spinning your wheels again. Learn how you can get your business or home office organized so you can have more time and be more productive.

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C. Straight to the Summit: How to Get Your Team to the Top

Presented by Anne Parmenter
Discover the importance of group dynamics, team building, goal setting and striving to be the best. Hear Anne Parmenter share techniques of team building to achieve your goal. Anne, who has traveled extensively throughout the world and climbed Aconcagua, Denali, Cotapaxi, Chimborazo, Mount Blanc in the French Alps, and Ama Dablam Himalaya is currently in her 17th season as Trinity College’s women’s field hockey team. She has done two expeditions to Mount Everest, summiting in 2006, successfully fulfilling her lifelong dream, and Mount Rainier Liberty Ridge in 2013.

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D. Empowered Communication: Own your Story

Presented by Kara Sundlun, Emmy Award Winning WFSB TV News Anchor and Co-host Better Connecticut
We all have a unique story to tell and special gifts to share with the world. Learn how you can own your story and transform obstacles in your path into opportunities and access your inner power voice so you can communicate more effectively in business and in life. You will leave this workshop inspired and armed with practical tips you can use to achieve success in your career as well as in your personal relationships.

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E. Communication, leadership, and conflict resolution through the experience of improvised comedy.

Presented by Sea Tea Improv
Discover how you can enhance your leadership skills and learn the art of communication and conflict resolution through the experience of improvised comedy from performers and instructors who have trained at the country’s premier comedy schools. Sea Tea Improv, Hartford’s professional comedy company, aims to show workshop participants how improv’s lessons can translate to everyday business practices. See why improv has been used in every industry from biology to law to higher education – and how it can be used in your work-life too!

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F. Power Networking Hour

Presented by Business Women’s Forum Board of Directors
Networking is an integral part of one’s career and is necessary to help in the growth of your career. In this workshop, get to know fellow conference attendees and expand your leads and referral base through our first ever Speed Networking workshop. This networking workshop will give you the chance to initiate one-on-one business relationships, or potential co-operations, with individuals and not to mention, it’s an excellent way to generate business leads. Bring lots of business cards and be ready with your 30 second elevator speech as you meet and greet with other conference attendees.