Scholarship Recipients

Alysia Pace bio

Alysia Pace is currently a junior at Post University pursuing a degree in Business Management. Alysia is from Pulaski, New York, and made the life-changing decision to move away from the only town she ever knew to go to college in Waterbury, Connecticut. Alysia says that the business world has always been of great interest to her because of the vast opportunities that it brings in providing needed services to her community. Coming from humble beginnings in Pulaski, NY, Alysia believes her educational journey to pursue business will provide her with an opportunity to turn her “tumultuous past into a successful and prosperous future with a world of opportunities as a business owner and, most importantly, as a person. After graduating with a B.S. in Business Management in May of 2018, she hopes to begin the second step in my educational journey and attend The Continental School of Beauty in Syracuse, New York. The beauty industry and its focus on making people look and feel their best is her passion and joy.

Giulia Roviello bio

Giulia Roviello is an international student from Italy and junior at Post University studying Marketing. When Giulia was 17 she left her country, Italy, to study in the United States for a year. Here, she noticed how the cultural differences between the two nations affected the way people do business, thus influencing her to study business. Guilia is an Honors student and a student worker for the Masters in Accounting Program at Post. Her long term goal is to work in some aspect of business and utilize here education and professional skills she has learned along the way.